Gurgaon association to grip partners at meet

Khushi Singh
24 Apr 2015
Gurgaon association to grip partners at meet

Gurgaon association is going to organize a partner meet wherein it will address concerns of its members. The meeting will discuss issues like proper communication between partners and association. “Proper communication is one thing we want to emphasize upon between our partner members for which we have planned to conduct an interactive meet,” said Rupesh Kumar, president of Gurgaon association.

Also, being the NCR city, some partners who work in isolation shall also understand the importance of being a part of association and regularly contributing in activities.

Rupesh Kumar describing scenario of Gurgaon partners mentioned that we have 60 active members in the association. Partners are scattered all across the city but we as a responsible association, looking to take IT dealers business at peak, want to make the environment conducive for further growth. “Communication between partners, unity, co-operation are some of the key elements we feel are missing between partners. Business is doing well no doubt but working as one is an important element for any industry or city to boost high,” he added.

Frequent meets and activities will be organized by the association from now onwards. “We have planned activity calendar for the year which includes meets, get-together, awareness programs, training sessions and lot more to be explored by Gurgaon partners” explained Satish Singh, secretary of Gurgaon association.

Partners through this platform will have opportunity to make and seek changes for business growth and staying in union. Open discussion slot will invite all partners to give their issues, suggestions, volunteering and ideas.

We are very eager to introduce happening year for partners and hoping to grow more in the coming years. Learning while earning is what we’ll move towards” brightly added Rupesh.

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