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IT market in Patna declines; Channel partners blame e-tailers

IT market in Patna has registered a sudden decline. The market has reported a downfall of 30-40% percent in the current financial year, as per sources. Expressing concerns over huge discounts being offered by e-commerce firms, traders body recommend to take steps to monitor and regulate online businesses. Some of the traders demand ban for e tailers.

While talking to the traders in Patna, they mentioned the problems faced in this hour of crisis. “We have never seen such a huge decline in the market ever. These online portals are destroying our businesses. The government should ban these websites immediately”, Pawan Rungta from IT Vision said.

We have to run our families, We also have to pay salary to our employees. If this will be the condition what we will do?” he added

Kasif Raja from SR Computer was said, “According to me one reason could be the heat wave of this season due which people opt to stay home and avoid shopping. But it is the online websites which is creating problem at our end. We just can’t ban them , we need to look for some alternatives.”

“According to me, we have to cut down our rates, but we can’t offer so much discounts as offered by e- tailers. How is it possible to offer such discounts?”, Raja said.

We very well know that e- commerce websites are affecting the business in every sector but there are some cons to it too. In this fast-paced world, it seems as if everything is moving in speed and businesses are sweating bullets trying to keep up and keep their businesses one step ahead of their competitors. It has also become clear that the emerging eCommerce markets are filling voids and gaps in consumer demand. If consumers can’t find the products they want locally, they are not hesitating to go online to find it there. This is a big shift in consumer habits both domestically and abroad, and it means that brick and mortar businesses without an e-presence are missing out on vast potential revenue streams.

The increase in eCommerce means that we are seeing a significant increase in demand to ship into small cities and rural communities the state. Where local businesses can’t supply the goods consumers desire, they are reaching out to businesses found online. They’re ordering many things, such as clothing, food, medicine, and beauty supplies.

To counter this, many businesses in rural communities and small cities are also enhancing their online presence so that they can offer clients the global brands they desire. Once contacted by their customers, these businesses will place the order for them to pick up at the local shop or will drop ship direct to the consumer. This not only helps reduce cost; it makes it very convenient for customers to get the products they want without the stores needing to unnecessarily expand their inventory on hand or product lines.

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