Robbery in the IT market of Jaipur

Three stores in the Vaishali Nagar market were robbed earlier this week. As CCTVs were already disconnected due to previous dispute cameras couldn’t capture any footage. The incident took place at 2 a.m. when both guards from Amrapali plaza and Prestige tower had fallen asleep. The robbery is estimated to be worth Rs. 53 lakhs which includes laptops worth Rs. 50 lakhs and cash of Rs. 3 lakh.

PC Sharma owner of Dynamic world store said, “Thieves robbed 34 laptops and some cash of more than lack from the locker with one gold chain.”

The guard of prestige tower noticed the mishap early morning that day at around 4 a.m. and informed the authorities. The incident was then reported in nearby police station.

Mahesh Bhagat and Krishan Bhagat have their showroom in Amarpali plaza from the name of Krishnam which is a multi brand laptop store. Thieves robbed 38 laptops of Dell and HP and cash of Rs. 1 lakh 35 thousand. Due to some short circuit the owner of the company used to disconnect the electricity connection which disabled cctv camera to capture the footage of the incident.

In Prestige tower, Yogesh Sharma had recently opened his laptop store on ground floor from the name of Sunshine computers. Thieves broke open the shutter and robbed 24 laptops of Dell and HP plus some cash of amount Rs. 47,000.

Dealers accused that after paying heavy maintenance charges safety is still taken for granted. They said, “Needed security services are not provided by the authorities of the market. People who are employed as security guards are above 50 years of age and not even any ex-servicemen.” Angry dealers kept their shops shut for day. “It is felt like the thieves were very well aware of the market routine may be that’s way they very clearly robbed shops” added dealers.


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