Flipkart unveils adoption policy for employees

Flipkart has now unveiled a new adoption policy for its employees with the objective of providing adopting parents reasonable time to establish a bond with their child. Titled as the ‘Adoption Assistance Program’, the new policies are expected to add a lot of value and encourage work-life balance.

Today an increasing number of young working couples are coming forward to adopt children, and a majority of them are young working professionals. According to the Central Adoption Resource Authority, for the first time in three years, adoption of children has seen a slight increase with 1,368 children finding new homes in the quarter between January-March 2015. This interest and demand can be attributed to a broader outlook amongst these couples about providing an orphaned child a new life and a good home. To encourage this change in attitude as well as a fading stigma about adopting a baby in our society, Flipkart has introduced this new program that includes certain features.

Employees are eligible for paid adoption leave and INR 50,000 adoption allowance to use towards legal, agency and regulatory costs or any other costs that may arise during the adoption process. Our policy on approved absence is quite flexible and is an added avenue for all our people to support their personal needs and priorities. From wellness coach on parenting, childcare, emotional health, work-life balance, family health etc.

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