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Ricoh India launches new projector series

Ricoh India recently unveiled its new series of projectors. The new series of projectors from Ricoh yet again brings innovative products to the Indian market. The new launch further strengthens Ricoh’s standing as Market Leader in Imaging, Communication and Technology Solution Provider in the country.

Ricoh’s new age projector models – TS 100, RX 300 and PJ X 4340 are a new advancement in the projection category which allows bright and rich visuals, further enabling users to operate the device from multiple networks. The three new projectors come with high-class features of wireless and network connectivity. TS 100 provides eco mode and illuminates crystal clear imaging, RX 300 (Entry level Short Throw Projector) is best in class product weighing less than 2.8 kgs and PJ X 4340, PJ X4241N and PJ WX4241N are short throw projection systems which prevent shadow formation on the board and allow free movement, essentially turning the projection system into a whiteboard.

Speaking on the occasion, Manoj Kumar, managing director, Ricoh India said, “Our aim is to constantly offer new and innovative products for the Indian market and be among the top three most preferred projector vendors in the country. This new range of projectors will help consumers access best in quality projection along with innovative user friendly features. Ricoh has always been in the forefront to provide advanced products and services to its customers and is committed to sustain its offerings in the near future”.

“Foraying into multiple product categories and IT Services has helped us achieve an excellent growth of 3 times in 3 years. We aim to replicate our growth in the coming years backed by our strong capabilities in the domains of Imaging, Communication and IT Services”, added Manoj Kumar.

Ricoh applies its core values of harmonizing with the environment, simplifying life and work, and supporting knowledge management in providing products, systems, solutions and services to customers around the globe. Ricoh has recently expanded their business portfolio to Visual Communication Devices which includes Projectors, Interactive White Boards and Portable VC Solutions.

Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw projectors are a new advancement in the projection category which allows a bright and colorful big screen and are unique as they are the only ‘Vertical’ projectors that do not use an external mirror as many UST projectors do. These projectors are a part of the Ricoh’s Visual communication Solutions which also includes Interactive Whiteboard that allows users to communicate and collaborate remotely sharing drawings, review designs make annotation and share notes in real time.

Ricoh today has a strong 6000 channel partner network across the country selling Laser Printers, Multi-Function Printers and Cameras. These newly launched projectors along with the visual communication solutions will further strengthen the channel as well as help Ricoh in the aggressive expansion plan.

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