Rajkot Computer Association to invite IT companies to train dealers

The Rajkot Computer Traders Association is planning an event in August in order to train its dealers so that they can better handle their business. The association which has a core group will decide on which companies to invite for this meet. The companies, belonging to the IT sector, like Dell, HP and Microsoft will offer suggestions to the dealers to help them benefit their business. The association which comprises of around 250 members has several other events planned for this year.

“We will be coming up with a lot of events. We plan to invite companies to offer suggestions and advice as it will help the dealers better run their business. The entire event will help build a conducive environment for businessmen,” said Praful Patel, president, Rajkot Computer Traders Association.

The association follows a rotation policy as a process wherein the president is unanimously chosen. The association has 15 members in total who are rotated periodically. The association does not hold formal elections for the purpose.

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