Partners 'Xplore and evolve' with Neoteric

Neoteric recently conducted an event to promote and generate product awareness for Intel's latest products amongst the partner community

DQW Bureau
New Update

National Distributor Neoteric Infomatique, conducted a channel partner meet in Coimbatore recently. The objective of the event was to promote and generate product awareness for Intel's latest state-of-the-art products amongst the partner community.


Channel partners got a hands-on experience on the demo products on display, viz, 2nd Gen Intel Core processor and the 3rd Gen Intel Core processor families, as part of the 'Xplore & Evolve' live-experience and its ‘look and feel' session, conducted by Neoteric.

The ‘on-the-spot' queries at the event addressed by Neoteric's pre-sales team helped the partners discuss the future needs of their businesses and ways to address them by Intel's superior products.

The event also included a focussed presentation on how Intel's latest products can take the computing experience to the next level.

Rakesh Kaul, national head, sales, Neoteric Infomatique, said, "Through the platform of Xplore & Evolve, we have been enabling our channel partners to explore new technologies and products, and helping their businesses evolve by interaction with vendor representatives. This event is yet another testimony to that. We are happy to get this opportunity to boost Intel's business in India by helping the channel partners explore great business opportunities around Intel's latest products and deliver more value to the fast-growing Indian computing solutions' market."

Neoteric's 'Xplore & Evolve' has planned similar events for Intel in other cities, in the coming year, as part of its go-to-market strategy with which it enables vendors and channel partners to work towards better business understanding and growth.