JCDA picnic aug hauji

Jodhpur Association celebrates Independence Day in style

Jodhpur Computer Dealers Association (JCDA) organized an event and enjoyed 69th Independence Day in style with all the members with great fun & activities.  JCDA organized a picnic in resort with different activities including breakfast, Lunch & Hi Tea with the feeling to build on the relationship between IT communities to prosper together.

A gathering of all the members of JCD members, event began at 9AM and concluded by 5PM. All JCDA members came together and enjoyed healthy conversations and geart fun time.

Through this JCDA team put up a wonderful show of team work. Promoting  the  punctuality for  any  event/meeting, a surprise  gifts given for members  reaching  at  the  venue first. The event was supported by members and elected body members alike who worked hard to make the event successful. The event built on everyone’s trust in happiness of unity and working together.

Having the feeling of pride and patriotism, All the  members  gathered  at  the resort  in  the morning remembered  the  real  heroes  of the  nation  and  put stickers  of  India Flag on the  shirt  of  every  member.

Basant Mehta, president, JCDA, thanked all members and informed, “As promised  before, witnessing  the  DQ week event (Tech carnival)  in the  March 2015, during the  selection of  12  executive  members  for running the  association for the  year 2015-17, We  have  distributed  all the  jobs of our  association in four  groups, and  formed  four different groups  having 3  executive  members each,  who  collectively would be  responsible  for  the  committed jobs:

  1. Membership committee
  2. Vendor coordination committee
  3. Defaulters handling committee
  4. Event Management committee

The Membership committee would be responsible for the job of new memberships, renewal fees, database updating, Whatsapp group administration, certificate printing & distribution   etc”.

“The vendor  coordination committee would  interact with  the Government, vendors, Distributors  etc. for  the issues  related  with  taxes ( service tax, VAT, income tax, entry form, c form,   etc),  emphasizing for local warehouse & RMA for  members,  local  executive to help members  in promoting the products or  services of  a vendor, manage funds  from  vendors/distributors   for  organizing seminar/road show/technical training etc” he added.

Also, the defaulters  handling committee  would help  members  in  recovering their  dues or resolving financial disputes  from vendors/distributors/customers  or  even  other IT  partner of  the country.  We have prepared  & uploaded  prescribed complain forms  over  our  website,  from  where, any member  can  download  &  fill &  forward  to  this  committee. His  grievances  would be addressed  &  if  necessary, the  defaulters would be uploaded  over  our  website so that  everyone  can  see  the  list of defaulters, and  can  safeguard  themselves.

The event management committee would be responsible to plan, fix &  manage  the  venue /food/activities for members  during the  vendor meetings or general meetings or picnic or  technical road show or seminars etc. or any other  event.

After all the discussions, all members played a cricket match, went for swimming and enjoyed Tambola ( Hauji).

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