ADCTA sends PM an open letter on Make in India and Digital India

Make in India is an initiative program of the Government of India to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 2014, but announcing a project and implementing in a right manner are two different things. All Delhi Computer Dealers Association issues open letter to Prime Mister of India on Make in India and Digital India.

ADCTA come up with different points on PM dream project. “According to manufacturers enrolled in this project shows that this is Make in India by China. The list of Indian Manufacturers that PM enrolled should be verified. If Indians manufacturers are not trusting, how others will be”. ADTCA says, “Its time to give confidence to Indian Manufacturers and Govt. of India must act accordingly. When a country starts any initiative to boost their economy, their first priority aims has to protect Nation’s Interest first, but the initiatives were taken to boost Indian economies not working on right direction as per our ground level feedback and it must be check the policies made in AC offices”.

Swarn Singh, secretary ADCTA says with this open letter, “On Digital India, few E-tailers has given strengthen to MNC’s to play as they like. At present they are showing their balance sheets in losses because they are capturing market by their cash burn tactics. Traditional trade dying due to their business models, margins are squeezing and Indian traders is not able to cope with Foreign Investments using in discounting. Genuine trade is sinking and your aim of curbing black money is reversing by consuming old black money and generating new black money.

ADCTA also says in this open letter, “We are sure, our PM is not aware of these developments but if yes, then its really unfortunate. This is very fortunate to us that our PM dreaming of creations of new jobs by your dream projects, but in reality, huge unemployment will generate due to this business model and if we don’t curb this now, this will become mess and then it will take long years to rectification and recovery from present conditions.

May be in the past Congress party has done many mistakes but now PM Modi have majority to rectify old mistakes and bring Indian Economy on right track. We request on behalf of millions of traders, employees and their families to protect our livelihood and must curb few individuals unethical business models, this will ruin the whole country.

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