ZyXEL leads in green technology

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New Update

size="3"> href="">ZyXEL

has expanded its green product series with one of the world's

finest green firewall products. It reemphasizes ZyXEL's commitment

to developing products that protect the environment and also helps

its users to reduce their energy costs without compromising



as the second best green company in Asia in 2007 and honored with the

CSR awards in 2008 and 2009, ZyXEL is committed to responsible

environmental practices throughout the business and technology,

developmental process. Striving to excel, ZyXEL not only complies

with the criteria of three EU directives (WEEE, RoHS and EuP) in

manufacturing environmentally responsible products, but it also

continues to go one step better in its endeavors to employ green

practices on all aspects ie from the initial design concept, material

sourcing and manufacturing process to final output. As

a green enterprise, ZyXEL continues to strengthen and enhance the

company's green initiative, to extend the green product series,

which includes wireless routers, Powerline, network storage appliance

and switches.

new ZyXEL security product series, powered by ZyXEL's exclusive

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consumption by up to 80 percent with an intelligent power

management mechanism, while maintaining the outstanding performance

of the entire system. Users of the new security products not only

benefit from exceptional performance in network system protection

from a variety of Internet threats and invasions, but also profit

from the exclusive green features that ensure efficient power

consumption and energy savings.
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are pleased that our company is on pace towards accomplishing its

green initiative to meet our customers' needs,” said Alpha Chen,

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Solution Business Unit, ZyXEL.
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"By continuing to provide environment-friendly products ZyXEL

shows that it always takes the lead in developing innovative new

products. ZyXEL features that increased energy efficiency offers

outstanding performance and meet global environmental standards,"

added Chen.