ZyXEL launches next generation 8-in-1 ZyWALL UTM series

DQW Bureau
16 Feb 2006

Communications Corp, a broadband access solutions provider, announced the
availability of its next generation ZyWALL UTM (Unified Threat Management)
series in India, incorporating eight security features, such as Firewall, IDP
(intrusion detection and prevention), anti-spam and antivirus. In addition, the
new products from ZyXEL boast of the world's first Network Security Turbo Card
to boost overall throughput by an amazing 20 times. The installation of ZyWALL
UTM series is easy too-it takes just six essential steps in six minutes to
deploy the robust information security appliance providing the best security


  • Based on the latest ZyNOS4 network operating system,
    the new ZyWALL UTM series integrates comprehensive firewall, IPSec VPN, dual
    WAN load balancing, bandwidth management, content filtering, IDP (Intrusion
    Detection and Prevention), Mailshell Gateway anti-spam and Kaspersky
    antivirus solution in a box to satisfy the security needs of a business.

  • To ensure the throughput of ZyWALL UTM series even
    with eight security features activated simultaneously, ZyXEL embeds
    world's first antivirus/IDP chip into the ZyWALL Turbo acceleration card
    designed exclusively for ZyWALL UTM. The SecuASIC chip employs the advanced
    DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata) algorithm and CPI (Complete Packet
    Inspection) technologies to maintain the speed and accuracy regardless of
    the amount of increasing signatures being matched. Also, there's no size
    limit to the files being scanned.

  • Despite the powerful security features, the
    installation and management of ZyWALL UTM series is surprisingly easy.
    Network administrators can deploy the appliance with six simple operations
    dubbed as acronym “S-E-C-U-R-E” in just six minutes, without altering
    existing network infras­tructure and confi­guration.

  • From the ZyXEL Security Distribution Network, ZyWALL
    UTM series users will be able to download the latest virus and attack
    signatures to respond quickly and effectively to the escalating network
    threats and cyber attacks.

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