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Zoho Launched a New Ad Campaign “Work as One”

Zoho launched the print version of its new ad campaign “Work as One”, which celebrates the power of Zoho One, its all-in-one applications suite. Zoho One, known for its seamless integration, is designed to empower every department of an organisation and functions as the operating system for any business. The video version of the ad has been live on television since May 11.

The ad was scripted by OPN Advertising and shot by Black Box Films, both based out of Chennai. The visual spectacle focuses on synchronized dance act to showcase Zoho One’s varied set of business applications coming together and working as one. The ad is set in industries and office spaces ranging from small, medium to large, symbolically representing the scale Zoho One can cater to.

The television commercial jingle, sung by popular rap musician Lady Kash, is a hummable number accompanied with a powerful, choreographed message that showcases the immense value Zoho One brings to the table – “When everything is one, everything gets done.”

Commenting on the new “Work as One” advertisement campaign that spans print, outdoor and digital release along with television commercials, Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp said, “Zoho One is a revolutionary suite that stands tall in value, compared to the bloated business models and scattered marketplace for IT applications. We have struck the sweet spot by offering all the goodness of Zoho on a transparent subscription model at a disruptive price point that a customer cannot refuse. The advertisement campaign has been designed to take the message of The Power of One across to all of our existing and potential customers.”

Raffic Aslam, Creative Director, Zoho Corp said, “Zoho’s commercials have always been unconventional, and are representative of the creative spirit of the company in continuously churning out path-breaking products. In this ad, the spirit and power of Zoho One has been beautifully orchestrated into a synchronized dance with foot-tapping music that truly brings out the zest behind the latest offering.”

‘Work as One’ statistics:

YouTube views: 3,36,425 views

Facebook views: 5,37,794 views

Facebook likes: 3,456

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