Zion betting high on Inknara products

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At a time when printers are becoming cheaper day by day, money seems to be

going the refilling way. Powered by a tie-up with Coimbatore based Uniq

Technologi for distribu-ting Inknara solutions in the northern region–Delhi

based Zion Computers Pvt Ltd is betting high on refilling solu-tions and the

company is also looking to expand its reach into the north-east region of the

country as well.

"At present, we can get a printer at around Rs 3,000 and if we want to

buy a cartridge then it would cost us nothing less than Rs 2,800. That’s where

our solution can bring down the cost. We can refill the cartridge of any vendor

with the help of Inknara’s solutions. There is a growing demand for this

product and we hope to do well," informed, Shaji Jacob, Director at Zion.

In its bid to explore emer-ging markets, the company has just tied up with

Kanpur based Pioneer Technology for rese-lling its products in the Kanpur

region. It is also likely to ven-ture into northeastern regions of the country

as well.


"Initially, we would be tying up with some Kolkota based resellers and

then we would also venture into places like Guwahati. Keeping in mind the cost

advantage involved with our products, we are focussing on big and small

companies to utilize our products," he added.

At present, the company is offering inkjet cartridge refill kits for HP,

Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, LG and Apple. A black and white kit costs around Rs 395

and a color one is priced at Rs 695. "Inside our color kit, there are three

small compart-ments containing three diffe-rent colors–cyan, magenta and

yellow. Using these colors a user can replace the non-functional color as and

when required. However, it is not possible to replace a particular color in any

kind of refilling. So in this way, a user can get a cost effective solution as

far as refilling is concerned," he explained. (CyberMedia News)

Zia Askari

New Delhi