Zicom looks at massive channel expansion

DQW Bureau
05 Jul 2010
New Update



is looking at hiring channel

partners across the country. The company is aiming at both

traditional IT players and security players in the market. It has

divided the product range into value-based products for consumers and

volume-based for commercial purposes. Anand Swaminathan, Director,

Zicom Electronic Security Systems said, “ href="">Surveillance

and security

products have universal requirements. All verticals are now

increasingly conscious of security, for example access control

products are in high demand today. Apart from MNCs, SMBs are also

driving the market. The main factor for growth is perception of

security and awareness about it.”

Sharing details on security products,

Swaminathan said, “Companies especially SBUs are opting for CCTV

cameras to monitor productivity of their employees. IP cameras are

also far more affordable. The owners need not be physically present

and convenience factor drives adaptation of these products.”

Talking about challenges, Swaminathan added, “Last few years the

trend has improved. There is an overall awareness, and security

products have become more affordable. The main challenge comes from

the consumer segment since there is a whole lot of cheap product

infusion in the market.”

Citing advantages in associating with

Zicom, Swaminathan said, “We have our own factory in Arunachal

Pradesh. This helps us to monitor the cost, installing a sense of

security amongst our partners and customers. For our CCTV products we

are the first company to announce a two-year warranty.” Talking

about channel expansion Swaminathan said, “We are seeing

traditional IT partners who are shifting into security products. In

volume-based category we are 100 percent channel focused. We already

have more than 1,500 channel partners on board and hope to cross

5,000 in a year or two. We have also finalized distributors in this

category and our strategy is to address both set of partners.”

Zicom has branches in eight locations

and in the past three months it has recruited area managers in

Lucknow, Vijaywada, Coimbatore and Indore. The company is soon

planning to expand its base in Mysore, Bengaluru and other cities

across the country.