'Zero U'-power system in India

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

Burland Solutions, the specialist division of Aphel Limited- the UK & US
based designer and manufacturer of high quality power distribution systems, in
collaboration with their Indian partner, Fraser Techno Circuits, has launched
newly designed module at Connect 2004 in Chennai.

Company officials informed that With the ever increasing density of servers
that need to be accommodated within 19" enclosures, there is the subsequent
demand for greater power supply within the cabinet as well as greater numbers of
receptacles (power sockets) to cope with not only the number of servers, but
nowadays each server has two power input feeds.

All this has arisen with no space allocation for the power provision. Aphel
have been selling their HPDM module (flyer attached) in the UK and USA for some
months now satisfying a huge demand.

The unit is mounted within the vertical frame so takes up no horizontal
server space, the unit has two independent power supplies, each of which is
monitored with high visibility LED ammeters, and four banks of 12 IEC socket
outlets are pro-tected for overload or short circ-uit by a 16A MCB. As a result,
power load on each supply can be divided equally, hence the full load is evenly
distributed into two, and in the case of a power outage on either supply, the
servers will still draw power from the alternative source.

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