Zeptoh Solutions enhances Test Automation Product from Smart Software Testing Solutions

Smart Software Testing Solutions (SSTS) is a leading provider of Mobile App Test Automation Tools. The company’s cloud-based technology products, pCloudy and OpKey, focus on streamlining and improving the software development lifecycle by employing manual and automated testing.

OpKey is an Enterprise Test Automation Platform for mobile, Web and services. It supports automated testing of iOS and Android apps using image or object-based recognition through the use of and integration with any available mobile testing tools, either open source or commercial. pCloudy targets the full testing lifecycle of mobile application software space.


SSTS needed to enable their customers to create automated tests for web applications rapidly. They needed to develop a robust record and playback mechanism for Opkey in order to solve the problems faced with existing implementation of Selenium. The user was facing issues in the way Selenium identified elements and in its recording mechanism. Secondly, the user faced issues with the stability of the recording scripts, as there was a frequent need to re-write the scripts.

Solution / Project Overview

Zeptoh Solutions achieved the following milestones while providing the software development services to SSTS, including the development of smart recorder for Opkey SaaS.

  • On-demand Installer download
  • Quick install (single dialog install) and opening the recorder at the end of installation
  • Once installed, directly opening the recorder from the next time onwards (maybe clicking on the JNLP file)
  • Ability to insert Assertions while recording
  • All recorded steps, assertions along with object and data listed in controller
  • Sending the data back to Opkey SaaS through REST Full services.
  • Automatic handling of HTTPS recording
  • Playback option with Play-Stop-Pause-Stopover
  • Include the Selenium (XPath accessor) support in Recorder
  • Include Relational API Support (Business level relations, DOM relations, Positional relation, Parent relations) eg. Near, Under and others.

The team at Zeptoh included 3 people, which took the responsibilities of leading the project and integration, support and modules integration.

Zeptoh Solutions has implemented a way of starting all the browsers for automation right from the SaaS based browser application by enabling the communication channel between the web app and Operating system. This was done by adopting the “JNLP” technology. Zeptoh team’s expertise in Sahi, SaaS based automation, Browser technologies and Javascript was utmost critical in the success of this project.

Venkatesan Elangovan, ‎CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Venkatesan Elangovan, ‎CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions

“As the second largest contributor to Sahi Open Source Test Automation Tool, along with our expertise in SaaS based automation, we made OpKey even more powerful and simpler for use by customers in their test automation projects. We were able to achieve all the objectives of this software development services project within the stipulated time.”

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