Zenith launches One-Up Series for the corporate PC Market

DQW Bureau
02 Feb 2002

Zenith Computers, a company dealing in the Indian PC market, has launched the 'Zenith One-up' series, to take on the MNC dominated Corporate PC market. Zenith One-Up Series, a suite of innovative PC products comprises the Zenith Premium desktop PC, the One-Up Safe Server and the One-Up Notebook. Designed to be sleek and priced competitively at Rs 49,999, the Zenith Premium PC challenges all MNC products in the corporate segment on technology and superiority. The Zenith Premium PC is a P4 based machine with a LCD monitor.

This launch of Zenith One-Up range is a part of Zenith's strategy to aggressively target the Corporate PC Market with its new range of products for the Corporate Sector. Zenith plans to capture the market with its strengths like cutting-edge technology, superior quality and its competitive pricing. The products are specially customized to local conditions, such as the Zenith One-Up Safe Server which is designed with a built-in UPS, keeping in mind the power supply in India.

Raj Saraf, CMD, Zenith Computers Ltd, said, "With the launch of the Zenith One-Up range, we aim to strengthen our position in the corporate PC market. The Premium PC that we have developed is the first of its kind to be launched in India. We are confident of capturing a large part of the market share in the sector with this innovative range of products and also our excellent service support."

The entire range of Zenith products is available at the Zenith PC World showrooms spread across the country. All Zenith products are offered with a money-back guarantee.

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