Zenith launches education PC for Rs 23k

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Zenith Computers has launc-hed the topper desktop for students. The product

has been co-created by Intel for students in India across all levels and all

boards, from school to college at a price of Rs 23,000.

These desktops are multime-dia PCs with a CD-Writer, mod-em, speakers, free

Internet and a Topper 18 CD pack. The CDs include Career Launcher soft-ware (a

subsidiary of Intel corp) and a host of other software such as Vedic

Mathematics, Learn to Speak English, Prog-ramming languages, Webster

Encyclopedia, Chess, Hutchin-son Library and many more.

To encourage India’s acade-mic excellence, Zenith will gift the ‘toppers

of major certified Indian exams’ each a Zenith Topper. Zenith Topper is

available with over 780 dealers and 140 exclusive retail ‘Zenith PC World’

stores at convenient locations all over the country.

According to Devita Saraf, Executive Director (Marketing), Zenith,

"There is a reverse situation in this industry, where young people are much

more IT savvy than their parents and thus need a higher-end product that is


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