Zenith Infotainer now with Pentium D processor

DQW Bureau
28 Jun 2005
New Update


Zenith Computers has launc-hed the 'Infotainer-The Complete Digital Home

Entertainment PC' with the newly introduced dual core Intel Pentium D

processor. The Intel Pentium D processor has two processing cores (each with its

own front side bus and L2 cache) that en-hances not only the computing power of

the PC, but also opening up a wide new range of possibilities and power for the

home entertainment experience.

According to the company, Zenith is targeting this system to the "Family

Media enthu-siast"-the tech savvy early adopter. The Infotainer range of

PCs will be available in the top Zenith metro retail outlets -it comes with a

compre-hensive warranty and a unique option of two screens.

Devita Saraf, Executive Director, Zenith Computers said, "With the

launch of Zenith Infotainer with the Intel Pentium D Processor all mem-bers of a

family will experience a product that combine all sources of entertainment and

enable the 'digital home' at a much faster speed."

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