Zenicon aims to be a premium PC brand in Kerala

DQW Bureau
11 Apr 2005


What big vendors do with their money power is being done by a small PC brand

through relationship from Kerala. Zenicon Infoway, a regional PC brand, has

recently promoted the 'chain of retail stores' concept in Kerala, in

association with its channel partners. Today, the company has more than 60

stores, out of which six are its own retail outlets. "We have 56 channel

partner centers for whom we do complete branding, advertising and other

promotional activities, and they showcase 'Zenicon' computers in a big way

in their retail stores, besides selling other brands," said Roy Jose,

Director, Zenicon Infoway. The company is also promoting premium brands like LG,

Compaq and Acer, among others, in their own six retail stores. The shops are

located in Cochin, Cannanore, Calicut, Trivandrum, Thrissur and Kollam.

"Our aim is to get into the Top 3 club, premium PC brands in Kerala and

we are well on the way to reach it. Currently, Zenicon is in the Top 5 league

selling over 350-400 machines every month," he claimed.

Zenicon is competing with leading MNC PC brands in the market and it is

getting active support from component manufacturers like Samsung and

processor-maker such as Intel. "We have created a strong network of retail

partners and support them in advertisements, roadshows, expositions, service

support, schemes and other initiatives. Our strategies and innovative approach

to business had led us to retain the partners with us for a long time,"

detailed Jose. All Zenicon promoted 'chain of retail stores' have also

service support and the company assures them quick turnaround time of within 48

hours for warranty support.


Recently, the company has announced 'Budget PC' for just Rs 11,000. It is

a VIA-Cyrix 1GHz based machine, with 40-GB HDD, 15-inch monitor and 128MB RAM.

The com-pany offers wide range of PCs starting from Rs 11,000 to Rs 3.5 lakh

(with plasma monitor) to suit the various target segments.

Zenicon is also into mobile solutions and the company has its own brand of

laptops priced Rs 29,000 onwards. It is also partner for Mercury notebooks.

S Gopikrishna