Zebronics Announces Max Pro Keyboard

DQW Bureau
15 Jan 2018
Zebronics Announces Max Pro Keyboard

Zebronics has introduced another extension to its very strong Gaming Portfolio Max Pro’ premium mechanical gaming Keyboard. The ultimate Gaming experience with the excellent combination of impeccable craftsmanship, excellent switches and premium feature set.

Embedded with 104 Keys, the Max Pro Keyboard featuring high-quality mechanical switches with suspended keycaps which makes it, ‘Every Gamer’s Dream’.

The amazing full-size keyboard with a comfortable to use design, tactile feeling and RGB LED backlight along with 18 LED modes, 6 levels of brightness and 5-speed modes the keyboard redefines the experience.

The sturdy and heavy duty mechanical keyboard also comes with the Suspended Keycaps, Heavy Metal Base that allows the Gamer to have a very urbane and comfy experience.

Speaking of which, it comes with a retractable stand, Rubber grip to not let it slip on any surface, and braided cable along with high-quality USB Cable for reliability over time.

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