Zebra integrates with ThingMagic

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Zebra Technologies and ThingMagic announced the integration of ThingMagic

M5e-Compact embedded RFID reader module into Zebra's RP4T mobile RFID printer.

Leveraging ThingMagic's RFID reader module performance and form factor, Zebra

RP4T printer is ideal for producing RFID tags and labels, and identifying and

tracking business-critical assets across a variety of markets, including

government, health care, manufacturing, mobile field service, and transportation

and logistics.

ThingMagic's M5e-Compact was specifically designed for mobile, portable and

handheld RFID applications that require economy of power and space. The

M5e-Compact is EPC Global Generation-2 DRM compliant, and is optimized for

Generation-2 RFID tags. Based on ThingMagic's Mercury5e embedded reader module,

the M5e-Compact consumes one-third of the power and is half the size of the

Mercury5e, enabling a variety of RFID applications for asset tracking, warehouse

and inventory management, location awareness, and other use-cases that require a

powerful, customizable, yet very small RFID reader solution.

Yael Maguire, Co-founder and CTO, ThingMagic said, "Zebra selected the

M5e-Compact to extend RFID capabilities to this innovative line of printers; the

combination allows users to leverage RFID where and when they need it, offering

a significant opportunity for improved workforce efficiency."

"Rising demand for point-of-application RFID print encoding has driven the

development of the Zebra RP4T printer and we are confident that the M5e-Compact

RFID reader module will enhance Zebra's RIFD solution," said Carolyn Ricci, Sr

Product Manager-RFID, Zebra Technologies.