Zalawad IT Association plans to organise IT Expo

Gujarat based Zalawad IT Association (ZITA) is planning to organise its first IT exhibition in the district to provide a networking platform to its members. The association also intends to bring more IT vendors in Zalawad in order to boost the channel business. ZITA plans to organise the IT show in the second half of the month.

Manish Dave, executive committee member of ZITA said that the IT expo would help to eliminate the stagnancy in the business and also it will provide a networking platform to the members.

“Zalawad IT market is experiencing stagnancy, especially in the Desktop and Laptops business. We are planning to organise a technology show where vendors as well as channel partners will get the opportunity to showcase their offerings.”

Raising concerns about the current OLS threat to the traditional offline channel, Dave said that ZITA demands a concrete solution to tackle the online menace.

“The box pushers are experiencing a tough time in the business and those channel partners who have switched to solutions are able to sustain in current market conditions. We do not have any protection from the government. ZITA has been taking up this issue with the local administration at various levels. However, looking at current situation, it seems that the government is promoting E Commerce”, Dave said.

Also known as Surendranagar, Zalawad is one of the important districts in the Kathiawar region in Gujarat. The district is a hub of small and medium enterprises, including confectionery, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, textile bearings, ceramics, etc. It is also a prime education spot in the Kathiawar region with presence of many prestigious educational institutes. Due to the industrial growth, Zalawad IT market is showing signs of IT growth.

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