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DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Getting a learner's driving license would now take hardly 30 minutes as the Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala has decided to implement the Computer Aided Learners Licensing System (CALLS). The facility was inaugurated here by KB Ganesh Kumar, Kerala Transport Minister. 

The applicant has the choice of appearing for the test in English or Malayalam. The system has a database of 220 questions and computer automatically selects the questions for each candidate. The questions are of objective type and the student has to answer 12 questions out of the 20 correctly to pass the test. Sometimes, if the candidate is able to answer the first 12 questions correctly he will be declared passed and therefore need not bother about the rest of the questions. If the candidate fails to answer the first nine questions correctly, the system automatically declares him as 'failed'. "Under this system a candidate can pass the test in 10 minutes and complete the other formalities in 20 minutes," KP Somarjan, State Transport Commissioner said. 

Under the manual learner's licensing system the test is conducted only on Saturdays and an applicant has to spend half a day to complete the test formalities. 

Under CALLS the applicant has the choice of appearing on any working day between 10.15 am and 5.15 pm. CALLS would be initially deployed in Thiruvananthapuram and later on in all regional transport offices in phases. 

Software for CALLS was developed by National Informatics Center who is also responsible for the backend computerization of Motor Vehicles Department. 

Around 150 applicants can appear for the learner's test every day and about 900 a week as against the 500 under the manual system in each center. 

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