YAMUNANAGAR: An IT-savvy industrial town

The newly created district of Yamuna Nagar derives its name from its Headquarters Town Yamuna Nagar. The antiquity of the region is well established on the basis of the discovery of numerous pre-historic, proto-historic and historical sites. Stone tools of the primitive people of the lower Paleolithic age have been found in this region which might have been used by the earliest inhabitants of this area. 

The earliest literacy reference to the region, now comprising, Yamunanagar is found in taittiriya aranayaka which mentions Turghna identified with Shrughna or Sugh as the bordering region towards the north of Kuruksherta and also finds mention in Panini. During the sixth century BC it came under the influence of buddhism. Yamuna Nagar district is bounded by the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north, by the state of Uttar pradesh in the east and south east by the districts of Karnal and Kurukshetra in the south west and by Ambala district in the west. 

Yamuna Nagar District enjoys the unique privilege of serving as gateway to the state of UP and HP. The district is bounded by Saharanpur, UP in the east, Ambala in the west, Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh in north and Karnal and Kurukshetra districts in the south. The Shivalik Foot Hills cover the major part of the district. Yamuna river after rising from the snow-clad peaks of the middle himalayas at yamnotri, enters the district from its northeastern corner through a narrow corridor in the Siwaliks. It is a perennial river. boli nadi joins the somb nadi near dadupur and then the combined somb and boli nadis join the Yamuna river at mehar majra. The rakshi stream takes its birth in the rolling foothill plain while the Chautang and Sarasvati rivers originate in the lower hills. Generally, the slope of the district is from north-east to south- west, in which direction most of rivers/nadis/ rainfed torrents flow down.

Talking about the IT infrastructure of this city, IT and education goes hand in hand here. Due to the presence of major industries there, education system is very good and has the presence of very good schools with IT education. These schools form a major chunk of buying pattern besides the usual buying from the industrial units in the town. The home segment is also active in this city. As the city has a very good employee base the home segment is pretty active here. Most of the buying here is done either from Nehru Place or from Chandigarh, though Nehru Place is favored mostly.Major buyers
Yamuna Gases and Chemicals LtdOriental Engg Pvt LtdJagadhri Railway WorkshopJamna Auto IndustriesKay Iron

Haryana Distiliries Shri Gopal Paper Mills Ballarpur Industries LtdBharat Starch MillsSaraswati Sugar Mills 

Structure of Education Department at district level consist of District Education Officer, Sub Divisional Education Officer,
District Primary Education Office and Block Education Officers. 

Primary Education 
The Haryana Govt has put Primary Education under the control of Zila Parishad/Local Body. Most of the powers until then vested with the Distt. Primary Education Officer called DPEO have been transferred to the Zila Parishad. Seve Block Education Officers (BEO) namely Jagadhri, Jagadhri-II, Yamuna Nagar, Chhachhrauli, Radaur, Sadhaura, Bilaspur working under the DPEO for the Primary schools first to fifth will assist the Zila Parishad as well. There are 492 Primary schools in the

Higher/Secondary Education 
Whereas the Distt Education Officer (DEO) in the supervisory Head for Middle, High and Senior Secondary Schools and are Sub Division Education Officer, Jagadhri at Yamuna Nagar who directly looks after Middle (Class VI to VIII) & High (VI to X) schools. DEO looks after Sr. secondary schools. (VI to XII) Total no. of schools in Distt. are : 
Middle Schools: 54 High Schools : 57 Secondary Schools : 31 

Higher Education 
Seven colleges including three girls and four Co-ed colleges impart graduate and 
post-graduate level of education. There are 2 Engg. colleges, one Polytechnic, one dental college as well as four Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) besides four vocation institutes in the District. Major IT achievementsTehsil Computerisation

Registration work of all the Tehsils Jagadhri and Chhachhrauli and all the four subtehsils (Bilaspur ,Sadhaura , Radaur , Mustfabad) has been computerised and running smoothly. Now District Yamuna Nagar is the first district in Haryana which is fully computerized for doing registration work. Vehicle Registration:

Registration of Vehicles has been computerised and running smoothly. Now New Registration copy, Duplicate Registrationand HPA/Transfer/NOC cases are fully computerised. Driving LicenseLearner and permanant driving licence allocation has been computerised .

Passport Service Centre
Passport collection centre has been started in mini sectt. 

National Informatics Center 

RAMESH GUPTA  Tel: 3727722 Address: NIC District Informatics Centre Room No 317-319 ,IInd Floor Mini
Secretariat, Yamunanagar 135001E-mail: hryynr@hub2.nic.in
, dioynr@hry.nic.in

Major Resellers>>>>>>>>

Skylark Building
NK Road Hazratganj Road
Lucknow. Tel: 200256/216735

Aastha Distributors
Shop No 8-B, Ist Floor
naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 9838030564

ABM Trade Linkers
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 98380160017/222489/281944

Rohit Bhawan
Sencond Floor, Sparu Marg
Tel: 225591/214101

1, Fairdeal House
34, Lal Bagh
Lucknow. Tel: 500259

Ask Export Pvt Ltd
Shop No 9, Ist Floor
Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 215776.

Bansal Infotech
Besides Indusind Bank
(Basant Cinema
Lucknow. Tel: 200001/9839001014

Capital Equipment
102, Murli Bhawan
Ashok Marg
Tel: 272205/273796

Classic Computer
Shop No 7, Ist Floor
Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 273474/200733 Ext 169

Computer City
45/4, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel:

Computer India Infotech
Ground Floor, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272243

Computer Infotech
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Shop No 20
Lucknow. Tel: 9838031586

Computer Shack
16, Station Road
Chintel’s House
Lucknow. Tel: 635218/635219

Computer Zen Services
Ist Floor, Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 231406/9839019268

Coolex & Co
41-TN Road Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Delhi Computer
Shop No 2, Fairdeal House
Tel: 274174

Diskman Computer
Shop No 4, Naza Market
Tel: 9838023996

Elevin Infosys
211, Ganj Plaza
Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

HA Compused Technology Pvt Ltd
Ist Floor, Naza Building
Lucknow. Tel: 214141 Ext 233

Khemka Computer
A-1, Basement
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272029

Lucknow Computer & Software
F-5, Homawazir Chamber
Luknow. Tel: 214141

Micro System
Naza Building Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Migra Electronics Ltd
9AB-Block, Dalippur Towers
Lucknow. Tel: 231065/283875/76/77

MS Computer
G-07, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Tel: 274630/9628530614

Nasco Computer
Shop No 1, 2nd Floor
Market Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel: 9838032048

Odyssey Computer
IInd Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 216746/9838029001

Pentacle System
30, Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

Peutronics System
78/148, Kuharwali Gali
Ganesh Ganj
Lucknow. Tel: 281736

Rama Infotech Pvt Ltd
26, Naryan Market
Tel: 213356/9839019499

Shakti Informatives
B-6/7, Ist Floor
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 273474 Ext 135

Shivam Enterprises
Shop No 4, IIIrd Floor
Lucknow. Tel: 9839019491

Softex Computers
G-9, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Lucknow. Tel: 270174/9838029175

SV Computer
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel:
273474 Ext 120

16, Rana Pratap Marg
UPTEC Crossing
Lucknow. Tel:

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