XMLstar launches India's first Intranet for office collaboration

DQW Bureau
05 Jan 2005
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The Kolkata-based XMLstar India has become the first company in India to

offer an Intranet service that caters  to comprehensive office


From sharing documents to scheduling meetings or tasks, creating and sharing

databases to maintaining employee expense sheets, the Intranet offered by

XMLstar provides all the tools for collaboration among employees/dealers/any

group of people who need to share information to increase productivity.

"The best part of the Intranet is that there is no investment in terms

of hardware or software and only an Internet connection is required for people

to log into their own Intranet and start collaborating," Supratim Sen, CEO

and MD, XMLstar India said in an interview.


All this is available at an incredible low cost of Rs 500 per user per month.

Besides, through this Intranet, Web based audio and video conferencing can also

be conducted.

XMLstar, with locations in the US and India, is a global technology company

focused on XML software solutions, IT consulting projects and globalization


"The company's core members have more than 15 years of full-time

experience in high-technology behemoths such as Microsoft and Oracle," Sen



"The Office Collaboration Suite (OCS) provides a comprehensive and ideal

solution for small businesses as well as groups inside larger organizations and

associated business partners, that need to organize information, share files and

documents, coordinate and enable efficient collaboration, all in a secure,

browser-based environment," Sen said.

He said that in this Web collaboration service, users are equipped with a

simple and effective way to gain the benefits of an Intranet without having to

invest in additional hardware or software and are allowed the full freedom of

complete customization. Securely share documents, calendars, databases and other

information with your company, team or remote project office anywhere, anytime.

OCS provides a private, secure online presence to organize and readily access

information, manage documents, share dated events and schedules, enable

efficient co-ordination, all in a familiar, browser-based environment.


Authorized users outside your company like remote users, suppliers, partners,

clients can also use it to collaborate, communicate and share business critical

information with you.

OCS has following features:

1.Document manager to share documents with anyone you authorize

2.Online calendar and Group Scheduling to schedule meetings and share calendars

with colleagues

3.Task manager to manage and delegate action items and project tasks.

4.Discussion Forums to conduct discussions on everything from product ideas to

sales targets

5. E-mail accounts to conveniently send and receive e-mail right from your


6. Administration tools to customize your site's look and feel and set access


7. Database manager to provide access to Web databases, or build your own

database applications

8. Contact directories to maintain contact directories of all your employees,

suppliers and customers.

9. Opinion polls to conduct opinion polls among your employees

10. Expense reports to standardize your travel and expense management with

expense reports application

11. Announcements to post announcements and share web links among all your


12. The new Web and audio conferencing to host Web and audio conferences of any

size whenever you need to - without leaving your office

All important business information resides in a central repository. With the

online Intranet service, there's no hardware or software to buy, install or



"Flexible monthly or annual pricing plans provide predictable costs.

Compelling new applications and features will be added to your service

automatically, at no extra cost," Sen said.

All enhancements are backed up with extensive testing and customer feedback.

Asked about his choice of Kolkata as his company's base, Sen said,

"The city is definitely going to be the destination for IT and ITES

companies worldwide and we had predicted this a long time back."


"The low level of attrition that is so crucial to a skill-set driven

technology company is the prime factor. This is backed by a high availability of

skilled manpower."

Sen felt Kolkata offered a very unique feature in terms of skill-set

availability. "There are hundreds of people with little formal education

(BE, etc) but have tremendous experience and skill-sets. Thus, when companies

like us who look for value in terms of experience in a particular technology,

there is no dearth of prospective employees."

But what about the strikes and deterrent work culture? "The 'bandh'

culture is a definite setback. Lack of space and availability of space in Sector

V, Saltlec. Various people are occupying modules at the STPs but are not using

them and are trying to make money by renting these units out at a high premium-thus

defeating the very purpose of setting up these STPs," Sen said.


These guys should be thrown out and serious units should be given those

spaces, He felt.

The XMLstar India chief regretted that even after a year and a half, we are

yet to get a space allocated by WEBEL at the SDF building.

He, however, praised the West Bengal government in wooing the big IT players.

"But, they should keep in the back of their mind that Bangalore/Hyderabad

and even Silicon Valley grew by the strength of the small units that flourished

there and not the big players alone.

"There has to be an effort on the part of the government to promote

small IT/ITES units if it wants a long term growth," Sen said.

M Chhaya


(CyberMedia News)

XMLstar India Pvt Ltd

XMLstar LLC, US has set up XMLstar India Pvt Ltd as the Asia-Pacific regional

headquarter in Kolkata and have elaborate expansion plans in APAC countries. The

focus will be to provide world-class technology solutions at affordable costs,

without compromising on the quality of the deliverables.

The focus of the APAC headquarter in Kolkata is two-fold:

1. Deliver outsourced software development work and BPO jobs for parent US


2. Target the domestic markets in these countries with its software and service


At present, XMLstar India has about 20 developers working out of its Salt

Lake facility. It has its corporate office located in central Kolkata.

XMLstar India's current IT Software and Project Services include Customized

Integrated Enterprise Solution (ERP), Document Management System, Student

Management System (SMS)

Web-portal based office collaboration suite (Intranets), integrated mines

management system comprehensive language service, housing complex management

system, transaction and BPO service, hospital/nursing home management system,

complete e-governance solution; Web-portal based office collaboration suite


- Skill Matrix

- Development Platform

- Programming Language

- Java, PL/SQL, SQL, C, C++, MS VBA

- Front End Tools

- Oracle Developer 2000, 6i / MS Visual Basic, VB .Net

- Back - End

- Oracle RDBMS v 7.x, v 8.x, v 9.x / MS SQL Server 7.x, 2K

- Web Technologies


- Case Tools

- Designer 2000, 6i / Power Designer

- Clear Case

- Project Methodology

- Oracle CDM / MS VSS

- MS Project

- Operating Systems

- Windows NT / Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Win 9x

- SCO Unix


- Linux

- Other Services

- Consultancy Services

- BPO Services

- System Support Services/ITES