Xenitis eyes foreign markets...

DQW Bureau
07 Dec 2005


Two years after Xenitis launched Aamar PC in Kolkata and then

made it a national brand, the company is now focusing on the international

market. With its venture in the South East Asian market Xenitis has turned Aamar

PC to an international brand. As their first international endeavor, Aamar PC

was launched in Bangladesh on the month of June this year. Since then as per the

figures given by Xenitis the brand is doing well in its first venture in the

overseas market. Boosted by the response Xenitis recently launched the brand in

Nepal where it is known as Mero PC.

...enters IT lifestyle segment

Xenitis group of companies, a

Kolkata-based IT company who had

earlier focused on the low cost PC segment is not planning to enter the

lifestyle IT products segment. "Now we are aggressively entering into the

lifestyle IT products like media centers which we prefer to call Aspiration

Products and we are also eyeing for the market of high end technical regime of

servers," informed Santanu Ghosh, Chairman, Xenitis Group.

With aggressive plans for growth in mind, the company is

targeting a turnover of Rs 500 crore in the year 2005-2006. Xenitis reported an

annual turnover of Rs 178.06 crore this fiscal.

"On an average we have been selling 18,000 boxes per

month. Now we are targeting to sell 50,000 PCs per month," said Santanu

Ghosh, Chairman, Xenitis group. Xenitis group, manufactures of Amar PC in

Kolkata and Aamchi PC in Maharashtra, is all set to launch its new range of

indigenously manufactured laptops in the Indian market next month.

Xenitis is already present in Bangladesh and Nepal. The

company sells its PCs under the brand name of Aamar PC and Mero PC in these

countries. "We have sold our PCs through local distributors in Uganda,

Nigeria and Australia," Ghosh said.

"Our current market share is 7.5 percent of all branded

PC's sold in India. By virtue of its origin in the East, the company commands

a 25 percent market share (the highest by any brand) in Eastern India. We are

looking at 20 percent share in the national market," he said.

"We started our journey with a very small network of 52

dealers. Now we enjoy the support of more than 1,000 dealers and

distributors," he said.

"A few years back one could not think of competition

between an MNC brand PC and a desi brand PC. I should say our very own Xenitis

brand PC has forced all big players to reduce the price and created a healthy

price war for the benefit of common people," he asserted.

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"After we established the brand in India now we are

focusing in the overseas market. To start with we chose the SAARC countries

first," said Probir Majumdar, National Manager (Corporate Sales). Xenitis

is also well ahead in its plan to launch their PC brand in Sri Lanka. In

Bangladesh Amar PC is selling a steady 1,000 units per month. In Nepal Mero PC

was launched in October and according to Majumdar in the first month 1,000 units

were sold.


For Xenitis marketing and branding of their product is of

utmost importance. As is known, the company is extremely aggressive in their

marketing and branding strategies. Successfully targeting an initial sale of

1,000 machines per month in Bangladesh, Xenitis is now all set to carry forward

its branding in the country to a newer height. The company is also working on

the sales model and is planning to appoint dealers and distributors for maximum

reach in the country. "We will also appoint our own people over there to

take care of the service issues and also to act as the liaison between us and

local partners," said Majumdar. Right now Xenitis is controlling its

operations through their distributor based in Dhaka.

Before launching a product in a new market the company

ensures they research market and measure the prospect of their brand and plan

their strategy likewise. "Branding is very important as people should know

about your company and product first. Otherwise sales wont take place as is

expected," explained Majumdar. "If people are not aware of the brand

and its product they are not likely to buy it," he said. Another major

tool, according to Majumdar, is events and for Xenitis' international ventures

the company is looking at doing lots of events.

The company is keeping no stone unturned to explore the

possibilities based on which suitable strategies could be chalked out to earn

the maximum benefit out of then. Another very important strategy of Xenitis is

to launch the product in any country with big partners only who already have an

established infrastructure. It has done so in both Bangladesh and Nepal and is

in talks with some leading partners for their launch in Sri Lanka also.

But the most winning strategy of Xenitis in launching their

PC brand is perhaps the brand name. It is a meticulous decision that the company

takes while choosing the name of the brand before launch. "We first check

out which could be the most effective name that would directly hit the minds of

the local people. We launch our brand according to the local demand. That is the

strategy we have followed till date and would continue with the same," he


Piyali Guha