Xenites takes Aamar PC to west and north India

DQW Bureau
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After getting good response for its Aamar PCs in the western

region, Kolkata-based Xenites Group is now planning to introduce the same

products, under a different name, for the western and northern markets. So

Aamchi PC will be launched in Mumbai in mid-December, 2004, while the North will

soon have the Hamara PC brand by the end of the month. Plans are on the anvil to

come out with Namoo PC for the southern region as well, in January 2005.

Xenites has already opened four offices in the western region

and is in the process of opening up one in Delhi to service the northern region.

Talking about his plans, Shantanu Ghosh, Director of Xenites Group, said,

"We are currently selling 4,000 units every month. Once we go national, we

expect monthly sales to touch 10,000 units."

The company recently en-tered into a 70:30 joint venture with

China-based Unitek Group and is setting up another manufacturing facility for PC

components like cabinets, key-boards, mice and home theater systems. Ghosh

informed that this project is estimated to be around Rs 250 crore. He has

already purchased 12-acre land in Kolkata to set up the factory. "We will

introduce the compo-nents in mid 2005 and will employ 2,000 people at the

facility," he added.


Xenites has PCs priced between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 and

laptops that are priced from Rs 40,000 to Rs 57,000. The company has a 10,000

square feet ISO 9001:2000 factory in Kolkata with a manufacturing capacity of

10,000 units every month. Work is underway to boost this to 25,000 units.

The company sells its prod-ucts through its regional distributor

and systems inter-grator channel. It has five distis in the east and has already

appointed Active Infocom in Mumbai as its disti for the western region. Service

is provided by Allied Digital Services, said Ghosh.

Xenites will also get into manufacturing and distri-bution of

mobile phones soon. The company had posted revenues of Rs 25 crore in 2003-04

and has already grossed Rs 77 crore for the current fiscal, which it hopes to

close at Rs 100 crore.

Vinita Bhatia