Wydr launches India Wholesale E-Fair

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Wydr launches India Wholesale E-Fair

Wydr plans to launch a first of its kind Virtual live trade-fair for wholesalers and retailers across India as it completes one year of operations. Wholesalers and manufacturers from across India will get a platform to showcase their product portfolio at the E-Fair. It will also enable them to interact live with retailers and other bulk buyers.


Commenting on the initiative, Devesh Rai, Founder & CEO, WYDR said,

“The US $ 400 bn Indian Wholesale segment is seeing a huge shift to Online Sales. By bringing to India the first of its kind Online trade exhibition for independent retailers, Wydr is changing the way buyers and sellers discover each other. We are thrilled with the response we have received from our users on this concept.”

The E-Fair already has confirmed participation by more than 300 Brands and Manufacturers across categories such as Fashion, Electronics, Auto Accessories and Home Supplies and Decor. These manufacturers will be showcasing some of their best products on the virtual stall.


Some highlights of the India Wholesale E-Fair are:

  1. Live chat – Wholesalers can respond directly to inquiries from retailers in real time.
  2. Negotiation Tools – The Chat Feature also enables Buyer and Seller to Record a negotiated price on the platform.
  3. Wishlist -– Retailers who visit the E-Fair can also submit their own Wishlist to the top sellers of the country. Wholesalers get first-hand information about what the market is interested in and respond with a sharply focused merchandise..
  4. E-Fair Help Desk – Wydr is also setting up a special team to help visitors navigate through various categories and find the right sellers

Devesh further added, “To give the feel of a real-time trade-fair, India Wholesale E-Fair brings the live text/video chat facility for the participants, so that the wholesalers and the retailers can communicate instantly and close deals then and there.”

Currently India’s wholesale trade market is a complex network of lakhs of wholesalers and millions of independent retailers comprising of regional and local micro-networks. The reach is severely limited by geography. In such a scenario, events like the India Wholesale E-Fair provide a much needed Virtual Platform for all parties to engage “live” with each other irrespective of which part of the country they are based out of.