'World stores 36% electronic data on Sun'

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Your comments on the integration between Sun and StorageTek...

John Anderson

Business Development Manager APAC

- Data Management Group,

Sun Microsystems

We are integrating very well and taking advan­­tage of each other's

technolo­gies. Because of Storage­Tek, 36 percent of the world's electronic

data is now stored on Sun. Now we are investing in merging Sun servers, as the

engine with Sun software called SAM provides data classi­fication, centralized

meta-data management, policy based data placement, pro­tection, migration,

long-term retention, and reco­very. Earlier, Sun storage portfolio was not well

bran­ded, but StorageTek's was. From now on all product offerings relating to

storage from Sun will be branded as 'Sun StorageTek'. Before the

acquisition, we sold about 95 percent of our storage on Sun servers. With

Storage­Tek acquisi­tion, we  have

star­ted provi­ding mainte­nance services as well. Another tool from Storage­Tek

has been the back up manager. This is an end-to-end solution.


What are the Sun Mana­ged Operations for storage?

We have been managing customer's operations be­fore and have just forma­lized

the process. Sun Managed Operations for Storage is a new manage­ment service

that streng­thens Sun's ability to pro­vide customer's flexibility and

choice in their manage­ment of heterogeneous disk and tape storage. This

announcement is part of Sun's new comprehensive four-step data management


What are the new trends that you see in this market?

On the technology side, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is being launched soon.

They would probably be available within two years. We expect SAS to take over

from low-end fiber chan­nels. iSCSI had the promise but hasn't done much. On

the IP based storage front— NAS and SAS, we are investing quite a bit on this

technology as well.

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