Wittyfeed more popular in India than Instagram and Twitter

Three-year-old, Wittyfeed has surpassed the rankings of decade old company Twitter and seven-year-old Instagram as the most visited website in India.

A viral content company, Wittyfeed, which provides modern day blogging platform for everyone who loves to express and explore beautiful stories is the fastest and youngest company to attain this ranking.

As per the latest Alexa ranking, Wittyfeed is the 19th most visited website in India, whereas Instagram and Twitter are holding the 28th and 32nd position respectively. The top ten sites include Google.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, Amazon.in, Yahoo.com, and Flipkart.com.

Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO, WittyFeed said,”This is indeed a very significant achievement for us, and I am very glad that WittyFeed had reached to this position. It is a great achievement for our entire team to transcend some leading social networking sites just in two years.”

Founded in 2014, Wittyfeed initially began with only its owners’ Facebook content but has since diversified into 18 categories including travel, inspiration, relationships, health & fitness, and celebrities. It has 21000 stories by 200 writers from across the globe to back its claim.

The company is looking to expand now in the US market as it contributes to company’s 30 percent traffic.

He further added,”This feat motivates us to believe in ourselves and works hard to accomplish new milestones in coming years. I wish that the future holds more heights of success for WittyFeed.”

To match up to the latest trends and viewers preferences, WittyFeed has also launched Web Series to engage with its audiences. It also plans to launch portals in other languages like Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali etc. other than its English and Hindi platforms.

WittyFeed’s aim is to become the single largest Content Exchange where a brand can share its message, and the rest would be taken care of by the ecosystem.

The company is currently valued at $30 million. The company registered a revenue of Rs 26 crores in the last FY and expects to cross Rs 35 crores this year.

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