Wipro launches comprehensive solution to media & publishing industry 

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services division of Wipro, has announced the launch of Flow-briX, a comprehensive workflow solution for the pre-press publishing industry. With the launch of Flow-briX, Wipro has taken another step toward positioning itself as a prime solution provider in the media and publishing domain, while fulfilling the company's mission to create efficiencies for clients through the deployment of innovative process consulting services. 

Wipro's Flow-briX provides customers with an end-to-end solution supporting rapid customization and integration with existing software tools and products for softproofing, pagination, editing and other publishing specific tools. The Flow-briX framework will help publishers track, monitor and manage work more effectively, substantially reducing the time and cost of solution deployment. With Flow-briX an organization can define, model and remodel its processes with great ease. Using rule-based work allocation algoriths, Managers and Editors can automate work distribution and issue periodic reports on issues like productivity and work flow efficiency. 

Flow-briX facilitates communications between multiple software tools while enhancing employee collaboration, seamlessly coordinating every step of the publishing process. In addition, the framework enables the cost effective implementation of tailor-made solutions flexible enough to integrate either with publishing tools available in the market or with legacy systems.

Wipro chose the framework approach because stand-alone products lacked customizability and scalability, and because creating solutions from scratch can increase costs and delay delivery. Employing a framework methodology, which includes customizing existing components while solving a specific business challenge, speeds time to market and significantly decreases costs. 

The Flow-briX framework is continually evolving to equip its customers with new abilities such as repurposing of content, cross media publishing and the management of digital assets and rights. Wipro Technologies is building alliances with the best of the breed products for pre-press processes such as soft proofing and content management. 

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