Wipro inaugurates Kolkata center

DQW Bureau
05 Jan 2005
New Update


Wipro has inaugurated its software development center at Salt Lake

City,Kolkata. Kolkata is the seventh city in India that Wipro will be operating

from. This center will cater to Wipro's customers in the IT and ITES services

across multiple industry domains. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Chief Minister, West

Bengal inaugurated a plaque to mark the occasion in the presence Wipro chairman

Azim Premji, senior government and Wipro officials.

The facility at Salt Lake City is situated on a 16-acre plot, and houses a

software development block, customer care center, learning center, utilities

block and employee recreation facili-ties. The facility will be expan-ded in

phases. Speaking on the occasion Premji said, "West Bengal is has a huge

talent pool which is well equipped to meet the global challenges faced in our

industry. We would like to leverage on this strength of the state creating

employment opportunity for many IT profe-ssionals from this region."

He added, "The West Bengal government and WEBEL have been very helpful

to us in addressing our needs expedi-tiously. The single large challenge for

Kolkata and the state, however, will be to scale up proactively as more

companies and businesses flow into West Bengal.

Infrastructure and availability of quality talent pool are the two most

important areas where the state has to ensure continuous support and prog-ress.

A well-planned approach is needed to ensure that the demand and supply equation

does not put the system under pressure. We are sure that the government will

have a road map for ensuring rapid growth for the state".

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