Wipro aces Indian green companies' list

DQW Bureau
13 Apr 2009
New Update


Wipro has been rated India's number one Green Brand and among the top five

Global Green Brands in the World, as per the latest edition of Greenpeace's

'Guide to Greener Electronics' ranking.

With this, Wipro has not only reasserted its top position among Indian IT

brands, but has also marked a place in the league of top-five global green

brands. Wipro's ranking moved up largely due to its continued commitment to

energy efficiency and structured program for effective e-waste management for

its customers. Wipro's score has increased significantly since the last ranking

largely due to its strong commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, demand for an energy

efficiency law in India and for making available energy efficient products in

the market. The company has scored over its Indian counterparts for launching

energy star compliant products, adopting structured e-waste management programs,

creating public awareness on e-waste management and usage of recycled plastics

in new production.

Wipro has moved up its score on voluntary take-back and for providing

information pro-actively to individual customers on recycling collected e-waste

rather than mere disposal. Wipro has retained focus on restriction on the use of

hazardous substances in the manufacturing aspects of the business.

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