Windows XP sales pick up

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Notwithstanding the initial lukewarm response that Microsoft received for

Windows XP, the sales have gathered momentum among corporates in OND 2001,

according to company resellers in Mumbai. The growth is roughly put at 25 to 30

percent and is mostly in volume licenses.

There are talks in the market that in two months time, Microsoft will stop

shipping all licenses for Windows 98 and this will give a further push to XP

sales. However, Karthik Padmanabhan, Manager (Marketing), Microsoft Corporation

India denies this. “Currently, we have no plans to stop shipping Windows 98

and Windows 2000 Professional and definitely not in the next two months,” he


Windows XP sales in the first few months were negligible. The reason being

the high cost as compared to Windows 98SE and the confusion that prevailed over

the licensing technology. Another discouraging factor was the high hardware



However, “PCs are now shipping with high configuration that supports XP, so

we can say that compatibility issues are solved,” said GM Kamat, Director, PC

Center, a Microsoft reseller and certified solution provider.

“With the entry-level configuration of a PC coming to P4 with 128 MB RAM,

users have now realized that, to make the fullest use of this configuration, an

OS like XP is required,” said Premal Nanavati, Regional Manager, Fiona

Infosystems Ltd.

Kamat feels, “Earlier versions of Windows OS did well because corporates

had big IT budgets at that time. Windows XP was launched during the recession

and this affected the sales initially. But despite the tight IT budgets of

corporates, XP sales have picked up because they have realized the efficiency of


Surprisingly, nothing has been done on the price front to encourage sale of

Windows XP. Since the day it was launched prices have remained more or less

constant. In fact, it has gone up slightly because of the change in the dollar

price. A professional version of Windows XP cost Rs 9,000 as compared to just Rs

5,200 for Windows 98. The Home version of Windows XP comes cheaper at Rs 6,000,

but it lacks many features.

Nelson Johny