WildCard Techno Services plans Jharkhand factory

DQW Bureau
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style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">After

tasting success with its range of imports in the telephony category

and voice based solutions, WildCard Techno Services (WTS) is planning

to set up a new factory by the end of March, 2012. The factory will

focus only on manufacturing of headsets and ear-phones. “We are

considering many states and keeping options open for the site; but as

of now, Jharkhand is the strongest contender,” said Manish Kumar,

CEO, WTS. According to WTS, the company will be producing the entire

range of products in India and won't be resorting to cheap Chinese


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">Unlike

other importers and so-called manufacturers in India, we won't be

importing materials from China and assembling in the plant. All the

parts will be 100% 'Made in India' and will be of superior

quality,” added Kumar. Costs are likely to increase for the company

with 100% Indian production and labor plan.

style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">However,

Kumar revealed that Jharkhand wasn't the first choice for the plant

and he wanted to set up a factory in West Bengal. But disillusioned

by the state of industry in the state and the further detoriating

condition of trade in West Bengal, WTS opted for neighboring

Jharkhand. Also, land allotment issue and the 'babu attitude' has

always been a concern for any

investor in the state. “We have checked many other options in the

planning stage (for the factory) including a technology collaborative

effort from a research institute, but decided on 100% full scale

production,” said Saket Taneja, director, WTS. The

company is seemingly confident enough about the headset venture and

has higher ambition of delving into the VoIP hardware manufacturing

space as well. However, the company did not disclose any policy or

plans over marketing or selling the headsets.