Webdunia gets a Lucknow page

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Webdunia.com, the first Hindi portal of the world, started its Lucknow page from Sunday. Lalji Tandon, Minister for Urban Development formally launched the Lucknow page of Webdunia on Sunday at the consumer fair organised by the Confederation of India Industry (CII). According to Manas Mohan, VP, Webdunia.Com India Ltd, the Lucknow page in the site will have complete information about the city. He said that the latest news, culture, cuisine and other important happenings of the city will be featured in the Lucknow page of Webdunia. He said that the Lucknow page would also show details of policies and developmental works being carried out in the city. According to him, the Webdunia is connected with all major cities in the country and Lucknow has joined the band on Sunday.

Congratulating Webdunia for starting Lucknow page, Lalji Tandon said that it would present a real picture of Lucknow before the rest of the word. He said that the cultural heritage of Lucknow was ancient and that the Web developers should incorporate that in their sites. He said that there was a need of presenting the real picture regarding the development of the city before others. Arvind Shukla, Lucknow bureau, Webdunia said that happenings, news and culture of Lucknow would be the theme of the page.

He informed that there’s some Good news for those who cannot visit the Mahakumbha Mela in January next year. Webdunia.com will telecast the Mahakumbha 2001 live at its site. The site will depict various aspects of the mela such as discourses of saints, shahi snan by akharas on auspicious days, the ambience of the site and other such events.

Addressing mediapersons here on Monday, KN Mathur, MD, Webduniya, said that the company had launched a number of sites keeping in view the special interests and requirements of the Indian people. Webduniya is the first company to launch a Hindi portal, and now it has come up with its e-patra’ which can be used by Indians to send and receive messages in a number of Indian languages which include Hindi, English, Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Kannada. 

The users can also send their grievances regarding telephone problems to the Minister of Telecommunications directly through this site, added Mathur. Recently Ganesha utsav Durga Puja and Ravana dahan were shown on-line through this site.

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