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Wizards on the Web

For those of you who are avid followers of celebrities in the world of magic, there are many interesting sites to browse. For the most famous living magician, check out David Copperfield's official Web page at


The site does justice to the man's reputation and contains information on just about everything concerning him-from rumors to tricks to books. Another wizard with his own Website is the man who made the Space Shuttle disappear-Franz Harary. His site has detailed reports on his tricks and pictures from his shows.

And of course, our very own PC Sorcar has a Website although a rather modest one at

Linking Page at

is a handy online resource on magicians and contains detailed profiles of some of the most famous names in the world of magic from Harry Houdini to David Copperfield as well as details of some of their most astonishing performances.


Sabrina, Mandrake and Harry Potter too Real magicians may captivate audiences around the world but in terms of popularity they cannot match their counterparts from the world of fiction. Catch Sabrina and her aunts have their own official Website at

The site has information about the TV series, episode guides and biographies of the cast. Another Website for Sabrina fans is the unofficial fan club page at For those of you who freak out on Mandrake the magician and his hypnosis, you can find out more about him and his friends at

If you're after the superhero magicians of the comics, you can read about Wonder Woman at, Green Lantern and his ring at and the remarkable Dr Strange at

Finally, the members of the Harry Potter brigade need look no further. The site

has information about the newest Wizard on the block. You can also enrol at Hogwarts magic school and buy odds and ends at the Wizard's Shop.

Learning a bit of magic


Magicians never answer that one word question that asks "how?", it is said. But, on the Web they seem to be in a more revealing mood. So if you want to dabble in a bit of magic yourself, log on to Conjuror

 A number of simple tricks are explained with illustrations here. You'll also find some basic magic tricks at, and Looking for card tricks? Try Card Tricks Central for a whole series of tricks that'll surely see you cast a spell on your viewers.

To enroll in a magic school, visit the International Conservatory of Magic The site claims to have more than 2,000 pages of original magic. There are no age restrictions but you'll have to cough up an admission fee of $29.95 per year. A more expensive online magic training regime can be found at where you'll have to part with $25 for each 30-minute magic lesson taught over the Net.

You can also learn magic without having to shell out so much money. There are a number of magic lessons at

The site takes you through different dimensions of magic, although the emphasis is still on good old card tricks. And if you are the academic type, then is just the place for you with a whole assortment of free magic e-books.

Be warned though-magic may be a lot of fun to watch but it can be just a little tedious, if not boring, to learn. Keep visiting other sites mentioned to keep your interest alive. Who knows, one day you might end up being hailed as the next Harry Potter!



Nimish Dubey