“We as a company are pretty high on having a well-defined focus and spreading the right awareness for the products it sells.”

DQW Bureau
New Update


Ashish is a commerce graduate and immediately after his

graduation started business in the year 1996. He started this venture named

Trifin Technologies, with absolutely zero experience in-business, retailing, IT


Starting with purely retail selling of mainly the software

components, Ashish expanded business to end-customer sales of hardware as well

only for the branded PCs.

The industry but, noticed him. The first turnover was Rs 1.6

crore, which reached the echelon of Rs 12.5 crore in the fiscal year 2000-01.

And this year he promises, Rs 30 crore. A sister concern, christened Trifin

Information and Technologies (P) Ltd, is more of services and solutions defined

company, working in purely the services part for the parent company would fetch

some Rs 10 crore.


Moving from mere box-pushers, Ashish sees the company as

becoming a complete solution provider, that would not aim at selling the product

and ‘that’s about it’ stratagem, but that of assuring the client of a

service at any point of time. Ashish stated Focus and Awareness as the mantras

for Trifin’s present success.

The strategy for the year is already well laid-off. Targeting

at mainly the vertical segments in the industry, Ashish plans tie-ups with the

international brands, directly. The first step was taken around a month back,

when Trifin was appointed as the national distributor for Wacom range of


Also being selective about the customers, he targets at

customers not exactly in the home segment. The mantra is “If my product is

niche, the customer but of course has to be niche. He should and must do some

value addition to my company profile as well.” The company however would

operate in both the categories simultaneously.