WatchGuard partners with Fujitsu Fsas

The partnership will deliever managed network security solutions for Watch Guard

WatchGuard has announced a new business alliance and distributor agreement with Fujitsu Fsas. Under terms of the agreement, Fujitsu Fsas will add WatchGuard’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances to its managed service offering (Fujitsu Fsas Security Solution), and will also distribute standalone versions of WatchGuard products in the near future.

The addition of WatchGuard’s gateway security platforms, including APT Blocker, strengthens the managed service offering, especially for multi-store retail environments and the distributed enterprise. With a variety of security services available from WatchGuard, Fujitsu Fsas can offer customers the latest security technology and features, such as advanced threat protection and network segmentation. In addition, Fujitsu Fsas is using WatchGuard System Manager to seamlessly manage deployments.

“IT systems are transitioning to the cloud, intensifying the need for network access from a variety of applications and locations. At the same time, advanced persistent threats are causing increased damage. It’s vital that companies prevent these types of intrusions and threats across their network access points and inbound traffic,” said Shirou Ohtsubo, Senior Vice President of Service Business Unit at Fujitsu Fsas. “Our alliance with WatchGuard provides security appliances and operation management software that protects against these intrusions and threats. Their products complement our services and enable us to provide more granular and powerful security solutions to our customers.”

“The integration of WatchGuard appliances in Fujitsu Fsas security offerings is a significant pairing for customers needing robust security without the dedicated IT resources for system design and integration,” said Scott Robertson, VP, APAC at WatchGuard Technologies. “WatchGuard’s best-of-breed security coupled with Fujitsu Fsas network integration and technical support maximizes customer value for deeper levels of network security.”

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