Go Green with Intelligent Power Management

DQW Bureau
New Update

In 2012, data centres worldwide consumed over 322 TeraWattHours of electric energy - enough to power Russia for an entire year. With the rapid proliferation of devices, increasing volumes and velocity of data as a consequence of increased usage of computers (mobiles, PCs and Servers), energy consumption in IT infrastructure is increasing rapidly. At the same time, many studies and reports have been published pointing out the extent of energy wastage in IT infrastructure on account of various IT and non-IT inefficiencies. As a consequence of the above, IT infrastructure energy efficiency is emerging as a key area of concern for the CXO community.

On an individual level, we have experienced that it is difficult to operate our PCs and laptops if we switch on the Power Saving mode. For this, we need intelligent software which will be able to read the applications which are running on the system and then allow the processor to work as per the requirement. In short, a software which has the capacity to sense "applications" and then optimize power according to needs of each application will be a boon. By intelligently managing power in components, such a software will help save energy even when one is using computers. If it can discover and group systems, it can further allow Enterprise-wide Power Scheme Management and apply customized policies for different groups. This helps cascade Green IT targets to business functions across locations. However, if it requires high software or hardware upgrades, then it might take time to be adopted as such a requirement might make the task look difficult and time consuming.

In an interaction with an industry expert, the market will soon witness such a product which will work with a very small application footprint in the devices it is managing. The software will not only save significant amounts of energy in its enterprise-wide Personal Computing environment but also will make a positive contribution to the state and economy in terms of energy savings and environment in terms of reduction in carbon footprint. The software is expected to be released by the middle of January and will hit markets across nation by February first week. "The deal is still under structuring and will be finalized by next week", said a reliable spokesperson on account of anonymity