Wacom showcases wide array products

At an event held in Mumbai, Wacom showcased a wide range of its offerings made available in the Indian market. These products cater to B2B, consumer and design focused individuals.

14 Oct 2013
New Update

At an event held in Mumbai, Wacom showcased a wide range of its offerings made available in the Indian market. These products cater to B2B, consumer and design focused individuals. This was one of events wherein the company had put to display variety of products.


The most recent launch in its offerings was Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid for Windows 8 and Android, respectively. These devices deliver professional pen-on-screen performance on creative tablets for users longing to work wherever and whenever they want.Furthermore, Wacom also unveiled mobility centric device under the Cintiq Companion line of creative tablets.

The Cintiq Companion line, available in two models, enables creative professionals to work wherever they want. These devices runs Windows 8 and full versions of creative software. While, the Cintiq Companion Hybrid is a traditional Cintiq when plugged into a Mac or PC, but when used as a mobile device, works as a stand-alone Android tablet with enough power to do light sketching and start creative processes with suitable apps. They also ensure a distinct Cintiq experience even in mobile use, leveraging key elements of the Cintiq 13HD and Cintiq 22HD touch, for example, full HD display with touch control and the Wacom Pro Pen with 2048 levels of pressure and tilt sensitivity.

Commenting on this launch, Manu Nanda, Region Head, Wacom India said, "The new line enables mobile creatives to carry out their jobs without compromising on the high performance required for delivering professional-grade design and artistic output."


In addition, Wacom introduces a new line up of Bamboo styli wherein Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus which are second-generation, improved versions of the popular range of digital styli range. The Bamboo Stylus solo is a stylus for touchscreen devices like the iPad and has a protective cap added in the new version. The Bamboo Stylus duo is a two-in-one solution offering both a stylus for touchscreens and a ballpoint pen for paper use. Additional to these second-generation models, the company now also offers the Bamboo Stylus alpha as an affordable entry addition to the range, which looks and feels like a pen.

Adding to this array of offering, Wacom introduced Intuos Creative Stylus, a pressure-sensitive digital pen for sketching, drawing and painting on an iPad. Also, they showcased the updated version of Bamboo Paper which is an app for for the iPad, following its major redesign. The version 2.0 of the app has evolved substantially states the company official. Further states that it was already a lean, beautifully designed productivity app using notebooks but now it has become a sophisticated and expressive digital notebook app.

Another addition was in the Signature Pad portfolio with the introduction of its two latest models, the STU-530 and the STU-430. This next generation of signature pads is optimal for supporting digital business workflows that need to capture handwritten signatures to authorize or confirm business processes. Banks, health care facilities, insurance companies, and other businesses can increase operational efficiencies, mitigate compliance risks and reduce costs associated with handling paper documents. John de Olde, Marketing Manager-Asia Pacific, Wacom  said, "There is a very quick and lasting return on investment in the form of reduced costs for paper, printing supplies, document transportation, and archival storage." Further adds, "Both pads can be easily integrated into single desktop applications or more advanced and complex system architectures, capturing handwritten electronic signatures as images or with biometric profiles while at the same time providing the advantages of a digital workflow."