Voice enabled applications

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Intel recently organized a

seminar on ‘Value added services for next generation networks’ in the

capital. Speaking on the occasion, S Natarajan, Technical Accounts Executive,

Intel, said, “Voice enabled e-business is the key to improve customer

satisfaction and to grow profits. It has the potential to transform the way

people use their telephones and the way businesses view their customers.”

According to him voice portals

are ideal for service providers who are seeking to quickly add powerful new

revenue streams, helping to increase network usage, to draw new market segments

and to lock in customers. He also informed that more than 18 million US

companies would use a voice portal service by 2005.

He emphasized on the fact that

Internet technology is transforming the traditional call center into a customer

contact center and behind today’s contact centers are, computer telephony

systems that make voice and data convergence a reality. As per him, unified

messaging market is a gradual slope that is quickly turning into a steep peak as

more and more organizations are taking advantage of its benefits.

“At the heart of universal

messaging is the idea that users need access to their messages in any form they

choose. The success of universal messaging systems is measured by the degree of

freedom and flexibility it provides users in getting their messages,"

Natarajan concluded.