vMoksha to expand its operations

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vMoksha, a Bangalore based e-business transformation company, is planning to

expand its Indian as well as global operations. The company is in the process of

opening up a new office in the US and has recently started a development center

in Singapore as it plans to eye the Asia-Pacific market from there. It is also

planning to expand its existing development center in Pune. As part of its

expansion plans, the company had acquired two US based companies X Media and

Challenger early this year.

As part of its expansion plans in the US, the company would be adding one

more office on the east coast which would mainly focus on providing financial

services to tap the growing financial services market on the eastern coast. The

company already has one office in the west coast, which primarily focuses on

providing services in the Healthcare and Life sciences vertical. The company,

which recently converted its sales and marketing office in Singapore to a

development center would be working to tap the markets of Asia-Pacific and

gradually the Chinese and the Japanese markets.

According to Abnash Singh, Executive VP, vMoksha, “We recently added a new

customer in Singapore. In order to expand towards the Asia-Pacific market and

towards China and Japan, we have started a development center in Singapore. We

work directly throughout the world and not through partners.” But, how would

the company go ahead in Japan and China where the local factors play a very

important role in determining the success of a company. Answering this question,

Singh said, “We already have relationships in Japan and depending on the

business prospects we may change our strategies as per requirements.”


The company is also in the process of expanding its Pune based development

center and would be shifting the center in a 20,000 sq ft area and would be

increasing the staff strength from 100 to 200. The company also has one

development center in Bangalore.

Besides this, the company is planning to market its Life Sciences services

aggressively in the US and the UK aggressively. “We added Life Sciences

services early this year and want to tap the vast potential for this segment in

the US and UK,” he added.

Talking about the Indian market Singh, said, “We mainly outsource our

services for the global markets but in the recent times we have worked with

Hindustan Lever Ltd for their outsourcing project. The market in India is

maturing and we hope to expand in India as far as marketing of our services is


Abhinav Singh