Vishwak to invest Rs 2 crore in mobile portals

DQW Bureau
08 Dec 2003
New Update


Chennai-based Vishwak Solutions Pvt Ltd, which is basically into portal

mana-gement and .Net migration, is going aggressive with mobile portals. It is

planning to invest Rs 2 crore for a period of three years as part of this


Speaking on the new ven-ture, Venkata Rangan, CMD of Vishwak TNC (also one

among the 130 Regional Distributors of Microsoft) said that mobile portals are

poised for a leap with the splurge of mobile pho-nes and their powerful netw-ork.

According to Rangan, cellu-lar service providers have to look for alternate

avenues like Value Added Service to gene-rate revenues. General Packet Radio

Service (GPRS) is one such area where they can make added revenue and it is here

that Vishwak is going to pitch in. Vishwak is already into providing solution

for MSN-Hutch tie-up. "I feel that within a decade, there will happen a

convergence of mobile and des-ktop. This doesn’t mean that one will give way

for the other instead the mobile penetration will increase the penetration of

the desktops," said Rangan.

Vishwak is on the verge of closing down a deal for mo-bile portals with a

leading MNC call center based out of Bangalore. Rangan was not ready to divulge

with the det-ails of the deal citing non-dis-closure agreement.


"For mobile portals, we will be focusing on medium and large size

enterprises and we expect 1/3rd of our revenue to come from this segment,"

he added. Meanwhile, Vishwak recorded a turnover of Rs 3 crore from its portal

manage-ment business where it is providing solutions both for public and

corporate portals.

"Since ROI is very important, corporate are looking seriously at portal

services," he added. According to him, where com-panies are struggling with

the complexity of their existing technology landscape, a portal helps simplify

this complexity by providing a consolidated view to access all of the content

and services users need, thro-ugh one, customized interface.

In portal management, Vishwak has bagged two major orders though the detail

of the deal is yet to be disclosed. One happens to be a European oil firm and

the other project has been signed with a Fortune 10 company, where Vishwak will

be handling its entire portal management for a period of nine to 12 months.

Nisha Kurian

Chennai  (CyberMedia News Service)