Vidarbha computer and media dealers' welfare association (VCMDWA)

DQW Bureau
New Update


VCMDWA rated high on

parameters like election, internal meeting frequency, communication

and social activities. What are your observations around these? Do

you think that there is a room for improvement?

We are very prompt over

the elections and our internal meetings. Every month we hold at least

one general body meeting to discuss about the trade, the channel

scenario and address partner's concerns. Also, the executive

committee sits together at least twice each month. I am quite happy

over these activities and we will continue on this line in the coming

years. To my amazement, however,

I wonder how we ranked so low this time. Last year, VCMDWA was on the

second position. I need to know the complete details and the

parameters based on which the ranking was done. However, I think that

there is always a scope to improve things and make them better.

Your association has

scored low on awareness programs and seminars. What were the

challenges, and how do you plan to go forward?

As I mentioned previously

also, I wonder how we ranked so low as far as the seminars are

concerned. This year, we undertook a very big IT seminar over career

development for thee students in association with the government of

Maharashtra. About 10,000 students attended the event and we were

proud to see that. Also, we conduct two expos

every year, in January and in July, we had a footfall of two lakh in

the first expo and about 50,000 in the second one. Logitech has

inaugurated one of their products in our expo which can be considered

as a good response as far as vendor participation is concerned. As

such, in my opinion, we did not face any challenges regarding any of

the events that were undertaken.

What will be your key

initiatives to keep your association members engaged? Please


We will continue with our

initiatives as an IT channel association with IT seminars and the

regular expos that we hold every year. Also, we have successfully

engaged with Microsoft over the anti-piracy drive which has received

a lot of enthusiasm from the channel community.

Do you get cooperation

from your members in getting timely feedback and participation in

regular activities?

There is always an active

level of participation among the members of VCMDWA regarding any

activities. 80 percent of our total members have been proactive in

the association and besides, we have our own office to conduct our

deliberation activities. Besides all this there also exists a healthy

and cooperative environment amidst us to pursue betterment of trade

and best practices.

To be at rank five, do

you feel that your association can fare better? What will be your


We have two office

employees, one each for the executive secretary and for office help.

This is enough for the association and we will not be increasing this

as it is sufficing for the moment. Also, CSR activities have

been very good for us. We have donated a fully operational computer

training center to the kids of the Railway Police Force which has

generated much appreciation from them. VCMDWA will continue with

its regular activities irrespective of ranking and we will not be

undertaking any special projects just for the sake of increasing our