Veritas Software India to become the largest R&D center for Veritas

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

The company plans to add new facilities and increas headcount by 50 percent

Veritas Software India is slated to become the largest R&D center for
Veritas Corporation by the year 2005. The Mountainview R&D center in the US
is currently the largest in the group.

The company plans to aggressively expand its R&D in India by adding new
facilities and increasing headcount by 50 percent by the end of the year 2005.
Veritas invested $ 50 million for evolving its technical footprint in India last
year. The company has targeted revenue of $ two billion next year. The revenues
for the year 2003 were $ 1.75 billion.

Established in India 12 years ago, the company today has over 900 engineers.
As part of its aggressive growth plans, the company is keenly looking at lateral
hiring to bring in experienced people in leadership positions.

Veritas Software CTO Mark Bregman, who was in Pune for the second annual
patent award function, said that the Pune team was among the biggest
contributors to IP in the creation of new products. Over 30 percent of the
patents filed by Veritas in 2003 were from Pune.

According to Bregman, the India R&D accounts for 28 per-cent of the
worldwide R&D headcount. "We now plan to grow end-to-end product own-ership
from India. This is the next step in the evolution of the technical footprint in
the country," he explained. "The idea is to give broader
respon-sibility and bring core product responsibility to Pune," he added.

The investment in Pune, acc-ording to him, was motivated by access to
talented engineers. "Even as the offshoring debate rages in the US, we find
that the engineers from India have contributed significantly to our
business," he said, adding that this was the only laboratory worldwide that
has teams working on every product of Veritas.

Veritas operations VP and GM, India Sharad Sharma said that distinct
technical support and product mana-gement functions would be created to take the
company to the next level of maturity. "People would be hired in product
management and technical engineering since bulk of the growth was in
engineering," he added.

Over 60 people have been invited for the Pune Inventor and Innovator awards
would be given in four categories- distinguished engineer award, Outside the
Box award, Innova-tion & Far Reaching Invention award and Outstanding Con-tribution
award. Around 40 odd people invited for the awards hold patents.

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