Venkat Comm to foray into Hyderabad reseller market

Rajamundry-based IT reseller company Venkat Communica-tions is planning to
make inroads into the Hyderabad market by the end of Sep-tember 2004. The
company with a turnover of Rs 40 lakh is planning to set up another reselling
unit in Hyderabad.

According to Venkat Com-munications proprietor Venkat Jujjavarapu,
"There’s a huge potential to be tapped here in Hyderabad. We started the
Rajamundry unit in 1998 with an investment of Rs five lakh but we are now an Rs
40 lakh company. And reaching this Rs 40 lakh target in the Hyderabad market is
much more easier and we expect that it would not take us more than a year or so
to reach the mark."

Also the company has plans to set up successive units in Vijayawada and
Vishakapa-tanam in the coming years. Elaborating on the strategy being proposed
to reach the target levels, Jujjavarapu said, "We would be concentrating on
the corporate besides small and medium businesses. We are also planning to
provide our customers with complete solutions including servers, networking,
processes and the like. This would be like a one-stop solution for our

Talking about the hiccups in this business, he strongly pointed out,
"The distributors are concentrating on big dealers and in the process small
dealers are being ignored. Since they are keen on volumes they would not
emphasize on petty dealers like us. Given proper support from the distributors
there’s large scope for improvement both in terms of revenues and customer

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