Velocity enters IT retail market

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Velocity Compu System recently opened their first retail shop in Kolkata. The

outlet aims to give more solutions and technology consultation to its customers

along with selling the products. "Most people are primarily focused on sale

of the products with good margins, the customer remains unaware of the product

features and utilities as there is no one to guide them. My priority is to fill

up this huge gap and provide the much required consultation as well as service

to my customers so that they can get the best value for their money. That's

why our logo is You Demand We Deliver," asserts Gaurav Batra, Director of

the company.

In September 2005, its first month, the retail recorded a sale of about Rs

eight lack. The 340 sq ft showroom offers a variety of PCs, notebooks,

electronic gadgets and other peripherals and accessories. The main brands

include Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Compaq, Acer, Microsoft, APC, Creative, Altec

Lancing, AMD, Asus, Frontech, MSI and Bitec.

At present Velocity is aiming to start AMC services from next month and

eventually expand its service network.


A young entrepreneur of 24 years, Batra ventured in to the IT business

because of his passion for latest gadgets and technology. With a will to create

an individual identity for himself, Batra left his family business of

manufacturing carton boxes and eventually started his own business.

Apart from providing solutions and consultation another major focus of Batra

is to revive the lost glory of the assemblers. "The assembling market has

gone down drastically as somehow the assemblers have failed to keep their

commitment to buyers and couldn't provide quality after-sales support and

service to them. My effort will be to revive the market confidence for the

assemblers through retail counters by providing quality and thorough after sales

service," confirms Batra.

In the future the company is looking forward to building a good support team

of engineers and introducing a toll free number where customers can log their

service requirements.

With a fascination for niche products Batra also hopes to import high end

products, which are not available in the market to attract the niche and

high-end market segment.

Piyali Guha