VAITCOM wants to switch Valsad channels to Linux

DQW Bureau
18 Sep 2003

Valsad Association of Information Technology Companies (VAIT-COM) plans to switch its cha-nnels to Linux platform. It is also planning to hold its Annual PC Expo in December this year.

Speaking to The DQ Week, Pradip Chinnakonda, President, VAITCOM, said, “The decision to switch over to Linux plat-form has not been made final as this would only take place with all the members present at our monthly meeting.

Swit-ching over to Linux platform would be practical, as it’s also economical. The problem is that all the channel partners are still not aware about the bene-fits of Linux compared to Win-dows. Many of them are not aware about the pirated versi-ons and get cheated.”

The association has not yet approached any vendor as no decision has been made. VAIT-COM’s PC Expo was held every alternate year but now it will be held every year. 

VAITCOM has been in existe-nce but never has been active. “This was mainly due to the absence of a good leader. Now we are having training sessions on printer sponsored by Epson in the first week of October. Education is one area, which is going to be the focus as the cha-nnel have to keep on upgrading themselves,” informed

This Valsad-based associa-tion is also set to launch its we-bsite “It’s pre-sently under development and will be completed in a weeks time. This website will be adver-tised aggressively in the local newspapers, as we want the end users to be aware of the association. This will help cha-nnel partners expand their busi-ness beyond Valsad and also get rid of fly by night operators,” pointed out

VAITCOM is also looking at setting up its infrastructure by first purchasing its office premises. Later on with profits coming in from the PC Expo, it’s looking at buying additional property to have an exhibition center encouraging vendors to

Nancy Sudheer

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